Cookies Too Cute to Eat!

As a late twenty-something, I’m creeping into the age range where weddings, baby showers, and children’s birthday parties are becoming more and more common. Bleh. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I do not like attending these occasions. I mean, I go…but that’s more about showing support for my friends over enjoying the actual event.

BUT…I guarantee that if any of my friends were to provide cookies like these from Lala’s Cookie Jar, I’d probably sing a different tune. Amazingly decorated sugar cookies have become my newest obsession.



These cookies are almost too cute to eat but trust me, I definitely would. To all of my friends (current and future) who are planning to get married and/or have children soon, please think about offering these cookies at your shower…I would do the same for you!

Click here for more deliciously decorated treats!


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