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Help Hanes Donate 250K Socks This Season!

Happy Monday after Thanksgiving! I hope that you all enjoyed your long weekend and didn’t eat yourselves into a coma. Personally, I took it easy and got LOTS of rest. I’m not really sure if I needed it all, but I’m pretty sure that I clocked over 40 hours of Zzzz during the four-day weekend. The interesting thing is that I don’t quite feel rested. Isn’t that weird?

Anyways, given that this is the perfect season to be a great(er) giver, I wanted to share a fun and simple way that you can support individuals in need. Until December 12th, you can participate in Hanes’ 3rd Annual Sock Drive and help the brand donate up to 250,000 pairs of socks to the Salvation Army. All you have to do is visit, “Like” the page, click on the “Sock Drive” tab, and then click, “Donate Now.” I told you that it would be easy!

While at Blogalicious, I stopped by the Hanes Comfort Lounge and had a chance to pick up some comfy socks that I’m still obsessed with to this day. I hope that those are the socks being donated because the only thing better than warm feet are warm and cozy feet.


P.S. In case you missed my blog post about “slacktivism,” this campaign is a perfect example of a very cool social movement that makes getting involved super-easy!

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  • KaBrianne

    My pleasure! I wish that I could donate more than once!

  • Sam Davidson

    Thanks for sharing this. You’re right- it’s a wonderful and simple (and wonderfully simple) idea and way to help.

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