Heart-Warming Acts of Random Holiday Kindness

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” -Arthur Ashe

I always love hearing about random acts of kindness, especially during the holidays. The season is about cheer and goodwill and the stories just reinforce that! This week, I’ve been particularly touched by the following three things:

1. A Twitter outpouring of love, support and money to helped a Chicago young lady who was struggling to pay for her mother’s funeral service. A week prior to her mother’s passing, the young lady’s aunt passed away and she had to use the funds allocated for her mother to bury her aunt. Several tweeps spread the word on Twitter and a PayPal account was set up. Within 30 hours, over $6000 had been raised and the goal of $7000 was reached in two days. Anyone who donated to her is an angel. I can’t imagine the feeling of losing two important women in my life within weeks of each other. Not to mention having to deal with the holidays and the stress of finding the money to give my mother the sendoff that she deserves.

2. The number of layaway Santa stories in the news. I am very familiar with the layaway process from my younger years. In case you’ve missed it, there have been people going around to various K-Mart stores and paying off the layaway accounts for families. In many of the cases, the final payments were no more than $50. These stories inspired my friend, Melanie, who collected money this week to take to K-Mart today. A group of us are going to a Chicago-area store tonight to help families pay for their holiday gifts/merchandise. I can’t wait!

3. An anonymous donor donates $25,000 to a local Toys for Tots, after a board member allegedly stole that amount from the organization. Without the money, Toys for Tots would not have been able to provide toys for many families, as they do each and every year. When I saw that someone replaced that amount, it literally made my heart smile.

I could read stories like this for hours and hours…Contrary to what the news and Republicans say, there is still plenty of good in this world!

What random acts of generosity and kindness have you done this holiday season? Have you heard about any other stories that you would like to share?


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