A Pain Not Easily Forgotten

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When people lose a loved one, there’s no shortage of support in the immediate days and weeks that follow. Everyone is thinking of you…Everyone is praying for you. But, after the service, that support drops off considerably leaving many of us wondering, “Now what do I do?”

For me, it’s been quite a journey rebuilding my life after my mother’s passing three and a half years ago. I’m still coping with losing my biggest cheerleader and supporter and this is something that I’ll be dealing with for years to come. This is one of the reasons why I love what Alexis Nelson is doing with the H.E.R. Day Corporation. Founded in 2009, H.E.R. (Here Everyone Relates) Day is committed to providing an atmosphere for women who have lost their mothers “to obtain knowledge, health awareness, and make a connection of understanding and be encouraged.”

Every year, the organization hosts a conference for women who have lost their mothers and I really want to attend the next one. This kind of work is needed because there are moments where I have a five-minute crying session because I did something great and my mother wasn’t there to smile and say “I’m so proud of you.” The only thing that keeps me going is that I know my mother is so proud of me and I know that my future children will feel the same way.

If you know someone who has lost a parent, please make sure that you continue to check in on them…even after the everyone else stops. I guarantee you that it will mean the world to them, especially because it means the world to me.

To check out more about H.E.R. Day, you can visit their website Her-Day.org.


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