Would You Pay More for Charitable Items?

Charitable Companies

Given the choice between two identical items, would you pay 40% more for one if all of the proceeds were going to charity?

This is the question that I asked my Twitter peeps a couple of weeks ago. Most people responded by saying that it would depend on how they felt about the cause, the price difference, and whether or not it was a special edition product. All valid points.

This question came to me after surfing around on the Kenneth Cole website. You see, KC had two versions of their Red Pack-It Puffer on their website: one benefiting their AWEARNESS Foundation and a “normal” retail version. Both jackets retailed for $99.50, but at that time, the “normal” one was 40% off while the “charitable” one was holding strong at the regular price.

Now, do you understand why I asked? By the way, Kenneth Cole has since removed both versions of the red coat from their site.

So, your turn to answer the question. Would you have purchased the $100 version for a cause or the $60 version?


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