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August Powersheets Goals 2017

How is it already August?! Knowing that this is the last month of summer makes me sad because I can’t believe how fast it flew by. More importantly, I feel like there are so many things that I didn’t do yet this summer.

Last month, I didn’t get around to going through my Powersheets like in previous months but I did set a couple of high level goals for myself that I did accomplish.

They included:

  • Getting to the gym at work ten times – This is a new record for me AND it means that my next month’s fee will be 50% off.
  • Picking out new living room furniture – FINALLY! We found a sectional and chairs that we love.
  • Having a successful Galvanize Chicago event – I never did an official recap on the blog, but I posted quite a few pics on Instagram from the weekend. Nearly 1,000 women packed McCormick Place for a weekend about leading and advocating for change in policy and within our communities. It was AWESOME.

KB with Valerie Jarrett at Galvanize Chicago

With Valerie Jarrett and Commissioner Kari Steele (right) at Galvanize Reception

While I am proud of those accomplishments, I know that I could have checked off a couple more things. This month, my focus is maximizing my output without the burnout. This concept doesn’t just include work-related tasks but also relational ones as well. I’m challenging myself to have meaningful conversations, put my efforts behind things that truly matter, and throw my heart into my home and marriage.

August Powersheets Goals 2017

Here is my tending list for the month.


  • No sugar – I’m not doing a complete Whole 30 this month, but I do want to drastically reduce my sugar intake.
  • Social media-free weekends (2x) 
  • Date night with Chris – We didn’t have one in July but hoping that we can get one on the books soon.
  • Organize a diaper drive – More on this soon!
  • Update living room with new furniture
  • Ten visits (or more) to the gym at work – As mentioned above, this goal has dual benefits – physical AND financial.
  • Plan Cupcakes and Chicago for Red Pump


  • Post 2-3 times – I am in a creative season so I want to bring some of that energy to my blogging.
  • Meal plan – This is another goal that has multiple benefits. I’ve done this successfully for the past two weeks and don’t plan on losing momentum.
  • $25 eating out budget during the workweek – While I plan to make my own meals during the week, I also know that things happen. This is my CYA fund, in case I forget my lunch or decide to grab Starbucks in the morning.
  • Call a friend 
  • Write in my gratitude journal
  • Have our family meeting


  • Drink 80 oz of water
  • Spend 15 minutes with a devotional and talking to God
  • Walk at least 7,500 steps
  • Complete my daily cleaning task – I’ve created a small list of tasks that I can do for 30 minutes in the morning and in the evening to help me manage the housework at home. This goal is about keeping my sanity while also creating a beautiful space for my family.

August Powersheets Goals 2017

To keep me on track, I am planning to do #TendingListTuesday, which is something that I heard about in the Powersheets Facebook group. By checking my list every Tuesday, I am making sure that I am staying focused on my goals and making adjustments as needed.

What are your main goals for this month? Whatever they are, I am praying that you have the mindset and stamina to take them on full steam. Let’s do this!

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