Breast Cancer Awareness Month is Almost Here!

Breast Cancer

bcaHey, guys…October is a very special month for me! Aside from being the birth month of myself, my 3 besties, my nephew and ALL the cool kids, it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. One of the awesome things about BC Awareness is that so many companies join in and support the cause with limited-edition products and services designed to kick up some funds and awareness to the issue.

I’ve decided to put together a Guide to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and showcase some of the best items in beauty, fashion, etc for you all. I designed the layout myself (whoo hoo), and am just filling in the pages! If you have the inside scoop on some products, I want to know! My plan is to make this guide available on 10/1, so I’m asking that you send me any details by Monday, 9/28!

I’m looking forward to getting this guide out and if all goes well, then I might duplicate it for the holidays! We shall see…


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