Brown Girls Get Skin Cancer Too [Giveaway]


A couple of weeks ago on the Choose You blog, I talked about the need for brown girls to protect their skin from the sun. There’s nothing that I love more than watching my skin go from carmel to a sun-kissed brown during the summer months. In fact, I spent the Chicago winter dreaming about it. But, for all the time that I was spending in the sun, I was NOT wearing sunscreen.

I’d fallen victim to old sayings such as “Black don’t crack,” or “I thought that only happened to white people.” No, no, no…As my grandmother reminded me, “Brown girls get skin cancer too.” And, while this is something that I always knew, hearing her say it really drove the point home for me. Then, today I came across a video on discussing minorities and skin cancer. This report shares that while people of color are less likely to get skin cancer, they are more likely to die from it. *MESSAGE*

GIVEAWAY: Because I want all of us (no matter our skin color) to choose ourselves and put our health first, I’m giving away a “Choose You” package that includes t-shirts, a notebook, information on the American Cancer Society’s “Choose You” campaign, and Neutrogena Anti-Aging Sunblock. All you have to do is leave a comment with a healthy habit that you want to start practicing. It could be anything from wearing sunscreen to drinking two glasses of water before bedtime. Anything that represents your committment to healthy living…

BONUS: You can also tweet your healthy habit…Please use the hashtag #ChooseYouTFG.

I will announce the winner on Friday. Good luck guys and don’t forget the sunscreen!


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