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VIDEO: Rachel Roy Unveils New FEED India Tote

Two of my fav fab givers recently teamed up to bring us a handbag that I’m sure will be a summer staple in my wardrobe. On the inaugural edition of her new online magazine, The Life, designer Rachel Roy announced that she and FEED co-founder Lauren Bush Lauren collaborated on a limited edition FEED tote created to help fight hunger in India. For every tote sold, 100 school meals will be provided to children throughout the country.

Rachel Roy and Lauren Bush Lauren with the new FEED India totes ($78).

Cute, right? You can pre-order your bag on Rachel Roy’s website now. Don’t take the chance of catching this bag at a later date because it will sell out. I’m still kicking myself for missing out on the RR “Kindness is Always Fashionable” Ghana clutch. Lesson learned and I am doing better this go around.

If you want to learn more about this partnership and/or just gawk at these two amazing women, check out the video of their conversation below.


Target Teams Up with FEED to Fight Hunger in America

Target has announced that it is teaming up with FEED for a capsule collection that will hit stores on June 30. The collection will include more than 50 stylish products to benefit Feeding America, the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity. The ultimate goal? Provide 10 million 10 million meals to Americans in need.

Co-designed by FEED Founder Lauren Bush Lauren, each piece ranges in price from $3 to $400, and will display the number of meals donated to Feeding America as a result of the purchase.

Want to learn more about the collection and even get a sneak peek? Check out the video below.


Monday Motivation: Keeping A 10K Promise

Today’s post is actually more like a confession. You see, last year, I signed up to run the Run 10 Feed 10 challenge in Cincinnati in October. I was rocking and rolling on during my training for like 3 weeks, and then… BOOM. I fell off. Big time. So much so, that I *gulp* skipped the race.

I know, I know, I know… You see. I figured that if no one asked me about it, then it didn’t matter. Especially since I’d already paid the registration fee, which helped provide 10 meals. But, deep down, I know better. So, I am getting my act together and keeping my promise to run 10 kilometers to fight hunger.

To make it count, I am doing the following:

  1. Using Charity Miles to not only help me keep track of my training miles, but to also raise funds for Feeding America. For every mile that I run, $0.25 is donated to the cause. If you’re looking for an incredible way to support a cause, this is a great one that will keep your body moving.
  2. For every training mile that log, I will donate $2 to the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

So, there you have it. It’s time to make good on a promise that I made to myself and to fight hunger in the United States.

What goals have you backtracked on? How are you planning to get back on track?



We Like to Part-ay-ay-ay

…especially when it’s for a good cause!

Unilever is undertaking a comprehensive initiative to cross off hunger, which among other accomplishments will help donate TWO MILLION MEALS through Feeding America.

Today, the company is co-hosting a Twitter party to raise awareness about hunger in America and to inspire all of us to take small actions that can add up to a big difference in the world. Conversations will be driven by facts about hunger and simple ways that we can all do our part to help out.

The Twitter party kicks off at Noon ET, and you can follow along using the hashtag #BetterTogether. Oh, did I mention that there will be gifts? Use the hashtag in your tweets to show participation and be eligible for prizes given out during the party. Party peeps will have the chance to win one of 15 gift baskets filled with Unilever food and personal care items AND Unilever will donate 500 meals on behalf of each winner to Feeding America.

Good times indeed. Now, in full disclosure, Unilever is a client of my agency. I usually keep the two gigs separate unless a Client is doing something that totally fits into the scheme of my blog. All of that to say, I posted this on my own free will and was not asked to do so by my colleagues, managers, etc.

With that out of the way, I hope to see you at noon! Not following me on Twitter? Let’s fix that. 🙂


Five Things You Should Know About Hunger

September is Hunger Action Month and communities across the country have spent the better part of this month working together to raise awareness about the issue in America. The USDA recently reported that 1 in 6 Americans lives in a household that is at risk of hunger. You know what that means? You may know someone in one of these households.

With that in mind, here are five facts that you should know about hunger…

  1. According to the USDA, over 16 million children lived in food insecure (low food security and very low food security) households in 2010.
  2. In 2010, over 48 million Americans lived in food insecure households.
  3. 30 percent of senior households served by Feeding America indicated that they have had to choose between food and medical care and 35 percent had to choose between food and paying for heat/utilities.
  4. Although related, food insecurity and poverty are not the same.  Unemployment rather than poverty is a stronger predictor of food insecurity.
  5. In 2009, the top five states with the highest rate of food insecure children under 18 are the District of Columbia, Oregon, Arizona, Arkansas, & Texas.

There are several ways to help raise awareness about the 1 in 6 Americans facing hunger:

  • Like your local food bank and Feeding America on Facebook (S/O to the Greater Chicago Food Depository)
  • Share a hunger fact with your friends
  • Send a postcard to your local elected official and speak up for national nutrition programs
  • Volunteer at your local food bank

To learn more about Hunger Action Month, please visit


I’m Running a 10K!

Me and exercise have a love-hate relationship. And, by hate, I mean that I get bored and cease all physicial activity for 2-3 months cold turkey. Obviously, this can’t be good for my body or mind. So, I’ve recently challenged myself to get back on the fitness horse. In addition to the #30for30 workout plan that I’m doing (30 workouts in 30 days), I’ve decided to *drumroll* run in my first 10K! Yes, you heard it right. I am going to willingly run 6.21 miles. Is there a hook? Well, yes.

Women’s Health is teaming up with The FEED Foundation to host “Run 10 Feed 10” races across the country this fall. Just by signing up, you will instantly provide 10 meals for people going hungry in your local and surrounding neighborhoods. There are roughly 16 million children who don’t know where their next meal is coming from. The good news is that hunger is a solvable problem and this race gives all of us a chance to do something about it.

Over the weekend, I downloaded the training app and began to plot out my method at attack. I am not a runner AT ALL, but I know that I am going to complete this race. Keyword? Complete. I’m not trying to set any records here.

The Chicago race is happening on September 23rd, but I’ll be out of town. So, I’ve signed up to run the race in Cincinnati on Saturday, 10/6. If this is your city, make sure to holler at me so I can say “Hi!”

If you’re interested in signing up for any of the 11 races, head on over to the website. You can also support my efforts by donating here.

Thanks in advance for the support and I hope to see some of you guys out there!


Eating on $30/Week…Could You Do It?

This morning, I was lamenting about the amount of money that I spend on food each week. I try to control my habits, but I can always be found grabbing a Chipotle here, Dunkin’ Donuts there, and a happy hour cocktail there. Of course, these “baller” cycles are related to pay periods…The days right after getting paid? I’m making it rain. The days right before getting paid? I’m the biggest cheapo.

Everytime I go on these binges, I tell myself that I’m wasting my money and I need to do better about saving it. The point is that I’m fortunate enough to have the money to make these purchasing decisions. But, what if my food/drink budget was set by a third-party and it was meager at best? 

Well, a group of folks in Maryland are asking themselves, “Could they live on $30/week for food?”  That’s the average food stamp allotment in Maryland, where one in seven Marylanders reported having a difficult time affording food at some point in the previous twelve months.

They are calling this the “Food Stamp Challenge.” I love the concept behind it because many of us don’t really think about these things when we (myself included) are grabbing a $7 steak burrito for lunch. The stories from challenge participants really highlight some of the challenges that we take for granted. For example, the participants are not allowed to accept meals from family and friends. So, that dinner date? Consider it canceled unless y’all are going to Burger King.

The Challenge week is going on right now, but I missed the beginning. So, I’m going to do mine from January 31 – February 5. Looking at the rules, I think this will be tough, but I’m always down for a challenge.

So, could you do it? Could you survive of $30/week for food and beverages?


Fight Hunger with Beyoncé


Queen Bey has partnered with Hamburger Helper and Feeding America to help fight childhood hunger in America. The goal of the “Show Your Helping Hand” campaign is to help Feeding America deliver 3.5 million meals to food banks across the country.

According to Feeding America, one in eight Americans struggles with hunger. And, here are some additional statistics:

  • Households with children have nearly double the hunger rates of families without children.
  • More than 40 percent of families who visit food pantries served by Feeding America live in the suburbs.
  • Nearly 40 percent of those who visit food pantries are the working poor: those who work, but whose paychecks do not cover the basic necessities of life.
  • Nearly 3 million elderly people are served by Feeding America each year.

You can help in three ways:

1. Enter codes found on specially marked boxes of Hamburger Helper. For every code entered, Hamburger Helper will make a donation to a local food bank…enough to provide one meal.

2. Bring non-perishable food items to Beyoncé’s “I Am Sasha Fierce” tour dates. (Chicago – July 17th)

3. Donate funds directly to Feeding America.

In addition to the concert dates, Show Your Helping Hand has hosted several retail events at grocers in select tour stops. The events allow people to donate canned goods, learn more about hunger, watch a multi-media tribute to Beyoncé’s philanthropic/career achievements, and record a testimonial about what you are personally doing to fight hunger. The remaining retail events are:

July 10 – Safeway
10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
5130 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94611

July 12 – Vons
10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
500 E. Manchester Blvd, Inglewood, CA 90301

July 15 – Cub Foods
4:30 PM – 7:30 PM
7555 West Broadway Ave, Brooklyn Park, MN 55428

July 15 – Dominick’s
4:30 PM – 7:30 PM
2550 N. Clybourn Ave, Chicago, IL 60614

July 17 – Jewel-Osco
4:30 PM – 7:30 PM
103 South Randall Road, Algonquin, IL, 60102

To learn more about the campaign and related news, please visit Here is the beautifully shot commercial. Bey looks gorgeous by the way…



What A Great Wednesday!



Tomorrow is one of those days in Chicago where there are a few after work events raising funds for charity! If you’re looking for someplace to unwind and grab a drink for a cause, consider one of these options!

TweetNetworking (For A Cause)

What: Master networker, Mark Carter, has created an off-shoot to his successful Networking for a Cause events. These tweetups will combine the power of social networking and philanthropy.

Where: Catalyst Ranch (656 W. Randolph) from 6-8:30p

Donation: $10, benefits Dream for Kids. Includes drinks, pizza, pasta, and sandwiches! More details are here!

Summer Flavors

What: The Planning Committee of the Meals on Wheels Celebrity Chef Ball is hosting this summer event to raise funds for the ball and build the anticipation of the Ball happening on Friday, October 16, 2009.

Where: Rooftop of Chaise Lounge (1840 W. North Ave) from 6-8p

Donation: $20, benefits Meals on Wheels. Donation will be waived if you purchase a ticket to the Celebrity Chef Ball. Includes cocktails featuring Milagro Tequila and Hendricks’ Gin along with new appetizers from Chef Cary Taylor! More details are here.

Recessionista Shoe Party

What: The Hello Stiletto Shoe Club is hosting a networking social/book signing with Gwendolyn Beck, the author of Flirting With Finance. I posted about this event on Friday!

Where: Vertigo Sky Lounge (660 N. State) from 6:30-9p

Donation: $25, benefits the Accelerated Cure Project for MS. Includes a copy of Flirting With Finance. More details are here!

Okay, so there you have it! Three great events…Three great causes! No matter which one you pick, I’m sure that you’ll have a GREAT time!


Recap: Target Bullseye Bazaar Opening

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend two preview events for the opening of the Target Bullseye Bazaar store in Chicago. Located in the Tribune Tower, this store features an amazing selection of items for the spring and summer! You can read a full recap over at

I’ve included some pictures below for your viewing pleasure…Enjoy 🙂

Target and Tulips!

Target and Tulips!

Celebrity Makeup Artist, Sergio Lopez-Rivera

Celebrity Makeup Artist, Sergio Lopez-Rivera

Spotted: KB and Jessica (aka Vanessa from GG)

Spotted: KB and Jessica (aka Vanessa from GG)

Target donated $25K to fight hunger!

Target donated $25K to fight hunger!

Very satisfied!

Very satisfied!


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