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Local Families Share Their Stories For "Reasons To Give"

Today when I opened my Daily Candy email, I was pleasantly surprised to see a feature on a local nonprofit initiative, Reason to Give. Reason to Give is focused on helping residents of the Humboldt Park neighborhood, by providing personal and direct opportunities to give. Residents share their stories on the website, and you can select which individual or family to assist. After you make your donation, Reason to Give takes care of everything else (delivering the supplies, etc).

I love the concept of this program because I can select who to help and can “see” where my donation is going. It’s kind of like, I’m playing fairy godmother (in a real and sincere way).

For more information on Reason to Give and to learn how you can help, visit!


UPDATE: I corrected the link to Reason to Give. My apologies!

Ten Small Ways To Give More Next Year

As we close the chapter on this year, most of us will make declarations of how to better ourselves moving forward. Of course, I’m going to urge you to incorporate more giving into your routine. If you don’t take anything else away from this blog, I want you to understand that it doesn’t take much to lead a charitable lifestyle. The opportunities are everywhere!

Here are ten (of many) easy and small ways that you can give more next year.

New Years Eve is the perfect time to set new goals. How about giving more?


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