Chowing Down on Colorful Foods [Update]

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I shared these links on my Facebook page and may have tweeted them last week, but just in case you didn’t get to check them out…

I jumped back into blogging over on the American Cancer Society’s Choose You blog and decided to challenge myself to eat at least two servings of colorful fruits and veggies each day. So, how’s that going? Hmm…Let’s just say I wish M&Ms were considered produce. I’ve been trying to just wing it and eat these veggies on the fly (fruit parfair here, salad for lunch there), but it’s becoming very clear that I need to make a conscious decision to purchase the colorful foods in advance and take them with me to work. I started off with the best intentions and started falling back in my usual turkey chili or burrito rut. Bleh.

I’ll give you guys another update next week. In the meantime, below are links to my Choose You posts:

A Colorful Challenge to Eat More Veggies

Celebrating the Red, White, and Blue(berries)!

You guys have any tips that I can use during this challenge??? I think I could use a little help!


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