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In my adult life, I believe that I have only attended three dinner parties. I know for a fact that I have never hosted one, which is why it’s on my holiday bucket list. When I shared this goal with my husband, he reluctantly came on board. I think that the theme and draft menu won him over.

Hint: It involves lots of seafood.

As we map out our dinner party logistics, I definitely want to make sure there is a way to integrate a charitable component in the mix. Luckily, the team at FEED Projects is making it pretty easy to do.

FEED Supper encourages us to come together for dinner, while helping to donate meals to families in need. In the past, the initiative was a month-long event but this year, FEED Supper has been extended the effort to be year-long effort. I’m excited by this because it gives more of us the chance to participate. 100% of the donations will provide meals to American families through Feeding America.

It’s really simple to get in on the action.

  1. Sign up on the FEED Supper page.
  2. Invite guests to your party and ask them to make a donation via your host page.
  3. Order your toolkit, which includes placemats, cards with hunger statistics, and a cute banner.
  4. Host your dinner party as you normally would!

The best part, aside from the lovely toolkit, is the fact that your guests will know the quantifiable impact of their donation before they grab their first glass of wine. Using a formula provided, you will be able to calculate your total meals donated and add it to your placemats for a constant reminder of your purpose in gathering.

Ready to host? These tips will set you up for success!

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