Don’t Count Out Slacktivists!

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Last week, Mashable published a story that took a look at “slacktivists.” You know…folks who do “easy” things online like sign a petition, like a Facebook page for a causes or add retweet a charitable tweet. The article titled, “Why Slacktivism Is Underrated,” showcases research from a 2010 national survey demonstrating the value of this core group. The survey shows that those who take small social actions for a cause are more likely to take meaningful action in the real world too.

Slacktivists are twice as likely to volunteer their time and participate in charitable events, AND are more than four times as likely to encourage others to sign a petition or contact political representatives. While some downplay their contribution to social causes, I don’t. Think about how many brands donate money or goods to worthwhile charities for every Facebook “like” or retweet…That’s a big impact being made by a bunch of folks simply clicking a button.

When I think about it, my baby The Red Pump Project was essentially birthed by “slacktivists.” We asked women bloggers to put a badge on their sites in recognition of National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, and a movement was born. Social media has given us another way to learn about and support important causes, and influence social change. I’m happy to be part of the “social media for social good” generation…We’re doing some great things. For those of you who doubt our impact, just wait and see where this goes. It’ll definitely blow your mind!


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