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While browsing one of my favorite blogs, The Style and Beauty Doctor, I came across Danielle’s post listing out her 2016 style and beauty resolutions. Reading her list made me think in detail about what I wanted to accomplish this year in those two areas. Looking back at pictures from years ago, I noticed that my interest in my outward appearance took a dip as I took a step back from the social scene. During my pregnancy, I practically fantasized about reinventing myself after giving birth. Post-North West Kim Kardashian West was/is my muse. She was everything when she re-emerged with the blonde hair. Don’t remember? See here.

Yet, with all of that fantasizing, I never thought about writing clear goals for my style and beauty game. After thinking carefully, here are my top five focus areas for the year.

  1. Develop an adult skincare routine… The keyword in that previous sentence is “adult.” Sure I have a few products to keep my face clean, but I could take much better care of my skin. Being in my 30s, I can’t take any chances out here. So, I’ve spent the first few weeks of the year researching products and regimens and already have a couple of favorites. Between them and my daily goal of drinking between 60-100 oz of water daily, I think that I’m off to a great start.
  2. Get facials every three months… Last year, I got my first ever facial and my skin glowed. It was incredible. My aesthetian suggested that I come back each season, but I never made it back. That changes now. Every three months like clockwork.
  3. Elevate my personal style… The word “elevate” should really be “develop” but whatever. The point is that my pre-pregnancy closet was a hodepog of items but I didn’t have a definitive look and feel. Lately, I’ve been really inspired by minimalist fashion and have been restructuring my closet with the guidance of my secret Pinterest board, aptly titled “KB’s New Style.” Clever, right?
  4. Learn how to do my makeup… During the workweek, I probably wear makeup 2-3 times a week and we are talking about a “five minute face.” This year, I would like to be able to apply a full face of makeup on my own, learn how to do a natural highlight/contour, and do a great smoky eye.
  5. Try out more hairstyles… In 2015, I played it very safe when it came to my hair, with the exception of waist-length twists that I had installed to get me through labor, delivery, and the first few postpartum weeks. This year, I want to play around with color, with extensions, and maybe even wear my hair in its natural state more often.

I’m excited about updating my look, especially since this article in Cosmo reminds me that I’m not alone in my postpartum quest to update my look. Simultaneously, I’m on a weight loss journey with its own set of goals. More to come about that in another post. If you want to keep up with my progress, check me out on Instagram (@thefabgiver). I will do my best to start sharing updates on there.


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