Four Fun Volunteer Projects for the Summer

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Summertime always turns me into one happy camper, especially after surviving the long Chicago winter. With the warmer weather comes plenty of opportunities to have fun outdoors, but it’s also a good time to look into volunteer opportunities off the beaten path. Here are four fun summer volunteer projects to help you have a “Summer of Service.”

1. Tend to a community garden. Even if you can’t keep a houseplant alive, you can redeem yourself tending to a garden in your neighborhood. Plant trees, water the flowers, or pluck weeds. They are all ways to keep the grounds looking great and even work up a little sweat!

Millennium Park – Chicago

2. Become a tour guide at a local museum or attraction. During the summer, tourists and visitors flood top city attractions. Look into volunteering at your local aquarium or cultural center on the weekend. As a plus, you get to see the sights yourself and learn some pretty cool information that you can break out at your next trivia night.

3. Teach an outdoor sports clinic. If you’re a tennis or golf pro, your services might be useful at a park district or community center. Plenty of people (myself included) tend to take up outdoor activities during the warmer months, so this is the perfect way to keep your skills sharp while helping the athletically-challenged work on their swing.

4. Help beautify a school. If you ask around, I’m sure there is a school in your local district in need of freshly-painted classrooms or books for the library. Reach out to teachers in your area and see if there’s a way to help out. Last summer, I, along with thousands of other volunteers, helped spruce up schools here in Chicago. It was a great way to spend a Saturday and I met a few new people.

Do you have any other summer volunteer projects to add?


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