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There are few things that excite people like free items. Especially when you get them for just being awesome, blogging, or attending an event. While I’m not a complete swag bag junkie, my eyes do grow bigger when someone says “Don’t forget to grab a bag on your way out!” Wow, me? Sure! While some bags are total homeruns, others are filled with items that I will probably never use. I’m childless so a can of baby formula or a Bratz doll don’t do me any good. Or how many free shampoos do I need? I’m particular with my hair and related products, so none actually. For the products that I don’t use, they will eventually go in a Rubbermaid bin until I figure out what to do with them. Throwing them away never really crosses my mind because the company wants someone to have that item and they just missed the mark with me.

I thought about this topic earlier this summer when Kim Moldofsky organized SOS:Save Our Soaps during BlogHer 2009, and collected the extra soaps and shampoos from conference attendees. It was a great idea! Then, the idea crossed my mine again when I saw collection bins around the office for shampoos and body care products to donate to a local women’s shelter. A month passes and I come across the Bloggers Give website. These days more and more PR companies reach out to bloggers and ask them to sample or test products. Bloggers Give encourages bloggers to ask companies for an additional product to donate to charity. Such a great idea!

You know what you plan on using and you know what’s going in a corner somewhere. Donating your freebies is such a great way to pay it forward and it’s free just like that foundation that was three shades too light!


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    November 25, 2009 at 2:10 pm

    Very good idea. In the rare case that I do get freebies for companies, I’m going to start asking for an extra for charity. Great post!

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