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A couple of weekends ago, I had a chance to be a part of something truly amazing. My friend, Josh Mercer, held a girls’ sports and empowerment clinic through his Swish Dreams Educational Foundation at a school in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood. From the second that I walked through the door, I felt the energy and excitement buzzing in through the place.

Josh has been running a series of successful clinics for a few years now, but those mostly targeted young men. So, naturally, it was time for the ladies to make some moves.

Josh reached out to his networks and pulled together so many amazing women for a day of workshops, panels, a musical performance and, of course, athletic actitvities. I had the opportunity to sit on a leadership panel with Jennifer Liggett, DJ Niena Drake, Cameka Smith (The BOSS Network), Kelly Fair (Polished Pebbles), Roshonda Payne (The Savvy Sistah), and Michele Taylor (365 Girls Rock). All of these ladies are making major moves in their fields, whether it is media, entreprenueurship, or the arts.

I wish that I could give you a rundown on all of the ladies who participated but let’s just say that there was a great variety in ages, disciplines, and backgrounds. The Swish Dreams panels and workshops featured women student athletes, those who work on the business side of sports, dance coaches, teachers, magazine editors, and etiquette teachers. I’m telling you guys…It was GREAT.

swish dreams girls

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Being there took me back to my childhood and how much fun I had when my mom would take us to mini-camps or other fun activities where we could learn a new dance, win some prizes, meet new friends, and just enjoy being a girl. I’m excited to see where Swish Dreams Girls goes and can’t wait for the next event.

To learn more about the organization and their programs, check out the website, find them on Facebook, and/or follow them on Twitter.



Photos: Ollie Photography + Me
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