Papyrus Has the Best Cards for Your Girlfriends

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I know that we are living in a digital world, but there is nothing like receiving a card from someone. I have a growing stash of Thank You cards and note cards ready to go out at a moments notice. While browsing the Papyrus website over the weekend, I fell down the rabbit hole, known as their greeting cards section, and stumbled upon the BEST set of cards to share with your girlfriends.

I was initially drawn to the embossed “Grateful” on the cover. You guys know that I’m all about gratitude.¬†But, seriously, I love how this phrase is at the heart of this entire series. If you have a great friend in your life, that is something to truly celebrate and you should consider yourself blessed.

Don’t hold those feelings in… Let your people know what they mean to you. Whether it’s one of these cards or another way, there is nothing like sending notes of encouragement through the mail.

Browse the gallery of cards above and check out the complete collection here.


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