Giving Military Moms-to-Be a Fun Surprise


Yesterday, Americans took a collective moment to celebrate our veterans for their sacrifice and service. While reading different articles in my newsfeed, I stumbled across one that discussed the work being done to support mothers-to-be who have husbands currently deployed or husbands who were injured during their deployment.

Moms with Heidi Klum at an Operation Shower event (Photo: Operation Shower)

Moms with Heidi Klum at a March event (Photo: Operation Shower)

Operation Shower is one of those organizations that gives me fuzzy feelings and makes me smile deep down in my heart. Their mission states that they “provide baby showers for military families to ease the stresses of deployment.”

So, how does this work? A person (or group) gets nominated to participate in a group shower in their area. The organization uses donations to create a “Shower in a Box” for the moms-to-be and then the goodies are presented in a group setting. If you want to contribute, you can donate money to the cause or purchase new gifts to be included in the kits. All of the details, including an item list, can be found on the website.

Military families need all of the love and support that they can get, and there is something really special about strangers linking up to support them. To learn more about Operation Shower, visit


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