Giving Props to a BOSS (and a Few Divas)

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I’m all about giving props where props are due…especially when I see someone radiating positivity, being supportive, and pursuing a dream. That’s why I’m so inspired by Cameka Smith, the founder of The BOSS Network. The BOSS Network “is a women empowerment alliance dedicated to highlighting women and creating opportunities for growth through networking beyond events.” The network recently celebrated its first year anniversary, and the ladies behind the group definitely had a lot to celebrate. In addition to connecting ambitious women across the country, the website has honored as a Top 100 site for women by Forbes and a Top 10 career site for women by Forbes. That is huge…It’s also what happens when you combine a vision, faith, and hard work.

Cameka Smith, Founder of The BOSS Network, and KB

Cameka and the lovely ladies of The BOSS Network are taking their “influence” on the road (literally) with a six-city nationwide tour. The “Influencers” series is recognizing movers and shakers in Washington D.C., Atlanta, New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami, while raising money for local HIV/AIDS organizations and programs. Tomorrow evening (Wednesday, 9/8) is the first stop of the tour in our nation’s capital. I wish I was attending for so many reasons…If you’re a fan of this site or read my tweets, then you know that I consider DC to be my second home. So, that’s the first reason! Additionally, one of my mentors, Amanda Miller Littlejohn (Mopwater PR) is being honored AND Divas MPH is the beneficiary organization. Divas MPH is doing some great things in DC, promoting public health with innovative events and programming. The funds raised at tomorrow’s event will benefit Divas MPH’s “Saving Our Sisters” HIV/AIDS summit in March. Dope.


I feel so blessed to have fallen into the company of the women who not only represent BOSS, but support the ideals as well. When you’re going for what you want in life (especially if you’re creating your own path), it can be difficult and even lonely. So, for me to connect with powerful and faithful women has really touched me in ways that are hard to explain. And, I’m not exaggerating at all! I look forward to continuing my relationship with The BOSS Network and making new connections.

For more information on The BOSS Network, you can visit


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