Happy Birthday, Daddy!!!

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Today is my Dad’s [insert age] birthday and it is definitely a cause for celebration. In case, you haven’t met my Dad, he is PRETTY awesome. He’s hilarious, smart, handy, and the best Dad that this girl could ever ask for. Although it was hard for me to narrow down, I’ve created a list of the Top 5 Reasons Why I Love My Dad and a few of my favorite photos. I’m pretty sure that he’ll kill me, but he’ll probably wait until tomorrow. I mean, who wants to go to jail on their birthday?!

5. He loves to quiz my sister and I on politics, sports, and music trivia – regardless of whether we know the answer or not. This is why I know so many random things.

4. He is obsessed with the idea of getting me married, but in true dad fashion, he doesn’t believe that any guy is good enough for his daughters. Ha!

Bubs and Bubs Jr.

3. He has a profile on the Washington Post’s “Who Runs the Government” page. Whoo hoo!

From DC to Chicago back to DC back to Chicago

2. He’s not a fan of idle tears. Now, if those tears come while creating and executing a plan, then he’s there with some tissues (and a violin). He is a firm believer in “Don’t talk about it. Be about it.”

Too cool for school!

1. He walks the walk everyday…Being a great example and role model for my sister and I. His faith and love have inspired me to keep pushing no matter what. He’s a tough but lovable guy and I’m so blessed to have him in my life!

Celebrating my Granny's 70th Birthday!

Bonus Reason: When we were little, he would press and curl our hair on Sunday mornings. In fact, he hated us wearing ponytails in grade school and said we needed to wear our hair down. Until he walks me down the aisle, this will be my favorite daddy-daughter moment. 🙂



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