How Did I Decide to Name my Blog?

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Last week, the lovely MJ Tam shared on her blog, Sugar My Bowl, the story behind her blog title, and I loved the idea! So, I decided to share how I came up with the title for this little popsicle stand that I call my blog. Pull up a chair as I take you down memory lane…

I’ve always been a person who looked for ways to give back and volunteer, especially in ways that involved things that I loved (i.e. shopping, beauty, entertainment). I would always forward information to friends and family about shopping events, wine tastings, and parties that benefited a good cause. In April 2008, my mom passed away and I started thinking about what little legacies I could start building. My first thought was to start a blog detailing my journey to support others, while also shedding light on various nonprofit events and organizations.

Now, that I had the plan, I needed a title. At the time, I was living in New Jersey for a short-term Client project. On a flight back to NJ, I was sitting in O’Hare trying to think of what I could call this blog. I wanted something catchy, but I also wanted it to represent me and the purpose of this site. Using old school pen and paper, I just started jotting words down. “Giver” stood out for obvious reasons, but what could I add to sass it up? Fancy, sassy, stylish…All of these words came to mind but nothing jumped out. Finally, I thought of “fabulous,” and voila…The Fabulous Giver was born!

Those three words sum up how I strive to live my life and they also represent every guy and gal who gives back on their own terms making charity a part of our lifestyle. So, there you have it! Do you have a blog? How did you come up with your title?

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