Kim K to Donate Wedding Gifts to Charity



When I heard about Kim K’s split this week, I just shook my head. Nothing about the wedding/marriage seemed genuine other than the décor and the money that companies shelled out to be a part of the ceremony. I guessed that K+K would split after 60 days, so I guess they proved me wrong! Kim and Kris (mom not ex-hubby) are starting to work the press junkets, in an effort to convince us that she really did marry for love. Honestly, it all sounded like a bunch of blah blah blah, until subject turned to the wedding gifts.

In one radio show interview, Mama Kris said, “I’m sure Kim will make a ginormous donation as she does all the time anyway very quietly to a wonderful deserving charity or a children’s hospital.” Kim confirmed that on her own blog by stating that she will “be donating the money for all the gifts to the Dream Foundation.” The Foundation helps grant the wishes of adults battling a terminal illness, and the Kardashian clan has been a big supporter for years.

Even though this entire thing was one HOT MESS, I’m glad that some deserving folks and their dreams will benefit from this debacle. Kudos, Kimberly…With a little time and some more charitable work, you will probably make your way back into my #3 favorite Kardashian slot. Kendall is in your place for the time being.

For more information on the Dream Foundation, check out their website here.


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