Monday Motivation: b Condoms

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KB and Elkhair (Co-Founder of b Condoms)

While in Atlanta for the National HIV Prevention Conference, I had the chance to finally meet the b Condoms team in person. Before meeting these guys, I was already so impressed with their story and all the moves that they were making. In case, you have no idea what these guys are up to…Here’s the scoop.

b Condoms launched on World AIDS Day 2010 and has really committed themselves to challenging the way we think about (and address) public health and HIV/AIDS prevention. And, if you know ANYTHING about me, you know that I’m obsessed with innovative ways to improve health, especially in minority communities.

It’s amazing and inspiring to see how far these guys have come and what they have up their sleeves. Next month, they are teaming up with Greater Than AIDS to kick off the inaugural b Healthy Tour and will be traveling to a number of HBCUs promoting safe sex. Yay…Keep up the good work, gents!

To learn more about the products and the company, please go check out


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