Monday Motivation: Be Uncomfortable

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I’m posting this a little later than I planned but this morning, I was really inspired by a series of tweets posted by Jesse Jones. Jesse is the creator of “U-Logy 101,” a motivational program to help you find and do what you really love. He spoke at Blogalicious over the weekend and I had a chance to meet him after his session. He’s not only very kind but also passionate about his work.

This morning, he tweeted a series of motivational words that began with, “There’s no growth in being comfortable.” You ever been in church and the pastor starts preaching a sermon that seems to be talking directly to you??? That’s how I felt when I read that tweet. In fact, I loved that phrase SO much that it is now on a post-it note at my desk and in my day planner.

A screenshot of his morning tweets are below…They make a great read for anyone who needs a kick in the pants to try something new. I also suggest that you read his related blog post, “BE UNCOMFORTABLE.”


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