Monday Motivation: Write a Note

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The art of letter-writing is something that I wish more people (including myself) still embraced. There’s something about a handwritten message of congrats, support, or sympathy that’s hard to be replaced. I keep those, cherish them, and let them connect me to a moment in time. I know what you’re thinking… KB, why would I write when I could just call, text, or email? I hear where you’re coming from but there’s something about having a pen in your hand that helps you lose yourself in your thoughts. For me personally, I’m so much more creative and less inhibited when I write versus type. Don’t believe me? Try it this week.

Here’s my challenge to you: Write a kind note to someone that you know (and love) and then one to a stranger. You’d be surprised at how this simple gesture can totally brighten someone’s mood.

If you’re looking for ways to get started, try the topics below:

– I just want to say that you are an inspiration to me because…

– Thank you for…

– I haven’t talked to you since…

What do you think? Easy? Hard? A pain in the butt? To make things a little more fun, come back tomorrow and I’ll share my top picks for the perfect stationary. Of course, you could just use notebook paper, but that’s not really fabulous. Right?!

Who are you going to write a note to this week?


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