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Hey, everyone!!! I’m so excited to share that I am a member of the American Cancer Society‘s Blogger Advisory Council, a small group of volunteers that advises the Society on its social media strategy. Part of our mission is to spread the word that we have power in the fight against cancer. Our first step is to build awareness and engage women, which I’m ALLLL about!

If you didn’t know, ACS is the official sponsor of birthdays. I love this idea because we all deserve more birthdays, and many people, especially cancer fighters, don’t get to enjoy as many as they deserve. But, the ACS wants to change that! Through awareness and education, the ACS hopes that many more of us will be around to see and celebrate our birthday and those of the ones we love.

We’ve recently kicked off a blog “chain” to help spread the word among women bloggers and we’re calling it “Bloggers for More Birthdays.” You can get involved in a couple of ways…

  • Dedicate your own blog post to someone that you love who has been affected by cancer
  • Host the badge (featured above) on your website

There is power in numbers so encourage your networks to participate in this great movement. Please visit for more details! And, if you want to write something but don’t have an online space (blog/FB/website) to share, send your story in an email to!

My birthday is in less than a week, so I’m already cranking on my post. Here! Here! To More Birthdays!!!

Read more about the ACS Bloggers Advisory Council here.


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