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With the start of every new year comes a decision to create resolutions or goals to help us live a better life over the next 12 months. But, the problem with resolutions is that they often get broken because they can be too specific. So, as part of the American Cancer Society’s movement for More Birthdays, I’ve created a list of life steps that I can take to ensure that I live a healthier life…one that will enable me to share more birthdays with those that I love.

1. Do yoga or pilates twice a week. While the body-building benefits of these classes are clear, I’m looking at them more from a calming perspective. Every now and then, I let the stress of the world get to me and the breathing/stretching will be good ways to release the pressure.

2. Keep the breads/pastas to a minimum, but don’t forget to add more fruit and a piece of dark chocolate. I spent 7 months fighting an inflammatory condition aggravated by breads. I want to keep my risk of colon cancer low, so it’s something that I must do!

3. Participate in the 2-Day Capital Challenge MS Walk in Washington, D.C. I’ve wanted to do this walk for two years now, and I’m finally going to do it.

4. Smile and laugh as much as I possibly can. No explanation needed.

So, this is my “More Birthdays” list. What things would you add to your list? Share them on Facebook, Twitter (use #mybdaylist), or your personal blog and encourage others to do the same! To learn more and join the community, visit!


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