My First Ad: Change My Story

HIV/AIDS, KB's Journey

Last week, Luvvie and I were asked to participate in a new campaign on behalf of the AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC) and we’ve been dying to share the news with everyone. Well, the wait is finally over! 

AFC just unveiled its latest educational campaign designed to inspire African-Americans  to take control of their health, specifically as it relates to HIV/AIDS. The Change My Story campaign has a multi-pronged approach, including a Facebook/Twitter page, a mobile call-to-action, and bus shelter ads.

Red Pump Ladies!

The ladies of Red Pump are featured in EIGHT of the ads featured across the South Side of Chicago and we are SO honored. To us, the power of Change My Story is that is about everyday folks stepping up in their families and communities and fighting HIV/AIDS on their own terms. That message is something that The Red Pump Project TOTALLY supports.

There will be various events taking place throughout the year and I’ll be sure to share them with you all. For more information on Change My Story and to find out how you can get involved, check out You can also find them on Facebook here.


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