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March Powersheets Goals

I don’t know about you but I am DONE with winter. Mentally, physically, and emotionally done. No matter what the weather says, winter is behind me and I am looking forward to spring. I’m ready for the warmer temperatures, the sunshine, and the hopeful spirit of the season. I spent the last weekend of February in Mexico and that trip completed shifted my mindset. Spending four days in paradise with little responsibility and very few cares allowed me to unwind from a very stressful time and start focusing on creating my personal new season.

Last month’s goals were designed to help me spread love to those around me, so there were lots of family and relationship activities on my Tending List. From date night with Black Panther (so good) to reading daily to Caleb, it felt amazing to be very intentional about investing in my family. However, there were still many items that I did not consistently complete. I used to extend myself a lot of grace in this area, but I’m at the point where I just don’t hold myself accountable like I used to.

This month, I have centered my focus and goals around “discipline.” It is easier for me to check off 1-2 big activities versus doing something weekly or daily. In order to truly reset my life, I know that discipline is something that I have to master. While listening to a recent episode of the Citrus & Sugar podcast, I was introduced to the notion that self-discipline gives us freedom.

Say what?

For a second, it seemed counterintuitive. However, it actually makes perfect sense! If I have the discipline to spend less, then I will have the freedom of more money to use to achieve my financial goals. If I have the discipline to say “No” to things that matter less to me, then I will have the freedom of more time to spend with my family and friends.

My encouraging phrase for the month is, “Find your discipline and you will find your freedom.”

With this thought in mind, I set out to make my March Powersheets goals. Here is what is on my tending list.


  • Two date nights with Chris
  • Spend in-person time with friends (at least) 2x this month
  • Complete our household budget
  • Launch the #RocktheRedPump campaign
  • Do two “fun” workouts
  • Read “God and Money


  • Cook Sunday dinner (Still working on slower Sundays)
  • Attend church (I’m giving myself the grace to include e-church services here.)
  • Sunday night routine
  • Spend 5+ hours working on my passion projects
  • Household meeting (We are going to make this happen this month!) 


  • In bed by 10p/Out of bed by 5:30a
  • 15 minutes with God (I fight a lot of guilt that I have not had the fortitude to successfully do this.)
  • 30 minute house cleaning
  • Kiss Chris
  • Complete Emily Ley’s Simplicity Challenge

How are you when it comes to self-discipline? Do you have it together 100% of the time or is it something that you struggle with?

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