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Does being selfless and doing good work wonders for your well-being? Well, according to a recent article, it does. I can’t verify the science but I can tell you conversely that being selfish makes me feel awful. And, BOY, have I been selfish lately. It usually starts with a desire to self-preserve and then I look up and I feel terrible. Last night, I had a come-to-Jesus (or whoever you choose to reckon with) meeting with myself and was able to clearly link my anxiety, stress, irritability, and overall bummed out-ness to the fact that I had tipped the scales between an outward focus and an inward focus. I stopped really thinking about anyone but Karyn. No volunteering, no blogging, no do-gooding. Just doing me which usually meant that I was doing nothing.

Do you remember my post about the book “29 Gifts” and the author, Cami Walker? That was essentially the premise of the book. She was so focused on herself and in the throes of her own pity party when it was suggested that she give gifts to friends for 29 days. It worked for her, lifting her spirits and reminding her of what was really important in life.

I had entered that space that gives me the willies. I was being “The Selfish Giver.” It felt good at first to be a little self-involved, but that quickly faded. I need balance. I need to be altruistic. Helping others is a reminder that this world is much bigger than me.

Does giving back or volunteering help you balance your moods?


P.S. Need more healthy reasons to give back? Check out this article.

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