Monday Motivation: Sticking with a Gym Routine

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Taking a run outside is an easy way to get your heart going!

About three months ago, I walked into the fitness center at work, reactivated my membership, and started on a journey to a stronger and more confident me. Over the past few months, I’ve seen awesome weeks where I have gotten in five workouts and then I’ve had not-so-great weeks where I’ve clocked zero sweat sessions.

However, I never stopped. When I went in for my 90 day check-in last week, I was super happy to see that I was making progress. My body fat has dropped by seven percentage points and I lost fat and gained muscle. The overall number on the scale hasn’t changed but I’m stronger, getting leaner, and my capacity for cardio is getting better.


With no travel on my schedule until December, I’m looking forward to consistently getting four 45-minute sessions in every week. I know that I can do it. Heck, I’ve been doing it off and on. It’s just time to be super consistent. These past three months, I’ve been tapping into different tips and mental tricks to keep me on the path to slimming down and dropping these last ten pounds of baby weight.

First up, accountability is key. I track my workouts using my trusted Fitbit. I rely on it to help me monitor my diet, my steps, calories burned and so much more. My current one is falling apart so I’m counting down the days until I get my hands on the Charge 2. Amen for the upgrade! Aside from the Fitbit, I find motivation in the form of my fitness coaches and my husband. My husband is always checking in like, “Did you get to the gym today?” It helps that he is on a similar fitness journey, even though his results are blowing mine away!


Want to know another fun accountability tip? Try rewarding yourself with stickers. Yes, real stickers. Last month, I came across The Happy Planner Fitness Planner Stickers during a trip to Michael’s and have been hooked ever since. The stickers are a mixture of inspiration (“Strong is the new sexy”), goal-setting, and tracking. I usually place a gold star on workout days. It is so simple but it gets me hype!

Also, I buy cute workout gear and I keep my gym bag packed. At the beginning of the week, I place three workout outfits in my gym bag along with all of the other supplies that I will need. I leave the bag in my locker during the week and just bring home the dirty clothes each day. This helps me cut down on having to pack and repack a bag daily. I don’t get to wear all of the cute workout clothes to my work gym because I’m self-conscious about wearing sleeveless tanks and mesh leggings amongst colleagues. I like to save them for group classes, like Soulcycle (my new obsession).


Lastly, I always visualize a strong body and connect each workout to a deeper purpose. If you read this post or follow me on Twitter, then it probably won’t surprise you that Kim Kardashian West is my #BodyGoals inspiration. Since giving birth to Saint, she has dropped over 70 pounds and she looks GOODT. Her VMA look is ingrained into my brain. My goal isn’t to get my body to look exactly like hers but I’m hella inspired by her fitness journey and she pops into my head when I’m tempted to jump off the treadmill 10 minutes early. Beyond my body shape, I also center myself to tap into my mental strength. Mind over matter is very real. During my initial evaluation, my fitness coach asked me to think of a motivational quote to channel during workouts. I chose, “You are stronger than you think.” What’s awesome is that I see these words when I log in to the machines so that I always have a reminder before I get to work.

There’s no magic bullet to the end goal but I feel more prepared for this journey now than I ever have in my life. Do you have any motivational tips that keep you on track with your fitness goals? I’d love to hear them!


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