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Keeping Up with Bright Pink


There seems to be two types of people in this world: those who watch “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and those who don’t. I find myself in the former camp. I love watching KUWTK and have watched at least three episodes/day during maternity leave thanks to E!’s almost round-the-clock obsession with them. For all of the fun, glam, and drama offered up on the show, there are occasional moments when they discuss an issue of significance to someone outside of their family.

During last night’s episode, Kris convinces her girls to get tested for the BRCA1 gene, which can determine a person’s likelihood to develop breast and ovarian cancer. Given their family history of breast cancer, Kris believes that it is a wise thing for them to do from an early detection perspective. Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe follow suit, and they all learn that they are not carrying the gene.

While it turned out to be a happy ending for the “K Krew,” there are many women who find out the exact opposite. Do you remember when Angelina Jolie announced that she’d undergone a preventive double mastectomy? She made that decision after completing a similar test that revealed she had an 87% risk of developing breast cancer.

Although I don’t have a family history of breast or ovarian cancer, I have known about the BRCA1 gene and testing for many years thanks to the efforts of Bright Pink. Bright Pink is the only national non-profit organization focused on prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women. It was founded by Lindsay Avner, who at the age of 23 became the youngest woman in the country to have a preventive double mastectomy after undergoing genetic testing to assess her risk for breast and ovarian cancer.


Young KB supporting Bright Pink many, many moons ago…

Lindsay is one of my personal SHE-ros and the work that Bright Pink has done over the years has been phenomenal. Every year, the organization delivers educational presentations to women and health professionals across the country. I have had the opportunity to attend a few of these events and the information has been priceless. From breast self-exam tips to learning how to advocate for your health, I have learned so much!

Last night, I kept hoping that the Kardashian/Jenner clan might give a shout out to Bright Pink because duh… they are awesome. But, it didn’t happen. So, I’m giving that shoutout today. Check out the Bright Pink website to not only learn more about their work but to also find a breadth of resources, including a risk assessment tool.


Monday Motivation: A Marathon of Support

KB's Journey

Happy Monday, folks! It’s been a minute since I’ve written one of these and I’m excited to chat about this week’s motivation. Yesterday, 26.2 miles of Chicago streets were taken over by tens of thousands of runners who decided that they were BOSS enough to run the Chicago Marathon. If you want to be motivated, go out on the race course and cheer on the runners for a solid hour. You might find yourself thinking what can I do if I set my mind to it. What seemingly impossible task can I check off my to-do list? Or maybe that’s just me.

As I stood out there for over 2 hours, I was inspired by the way that people came out to support strangers and friends alike. Personally, I cheered for everyone. The guy in the cow costume, the wheelchair racer with the black skullcap, the young man sporting a “Race to Stop MS” jersey, the lady running to support Bright Pink, and the husband who wore his kids’ well-wishes on his chest. For one reason or another, they decided that yesterday would be the day that they would run 26.2 miles. And, I saluted them for it.

After I got home, I sat around thinking “I want to be a better person. I want to realllllly push myself to do something that I’m not sure I can do.” So, that’s what I’m going to do. I’m not going to beat myself up about what I haven’t done so far. I’m just going to go and run (literally and figuratively) without ceasing. And, when I feel like I want to give up, I’m going to think about the husband who jumped in the race to run the last mile with his wife. As she winced with pain, he ran alongside her repeating, “You are strong. You are strong.”

Yes, yes I am.


What A Weekend! BlogHer 2k9

KB's Journey

This weekend, I tried to keep up with the big girls and attend a couple of BlogHer events. Allow me to tip my hat to the ladies who attended the conference sessions, along with the pre- and post-parties. You all deserve some type of medal! On Friday evening, I joined bloggers at the Blogalicious/LUSH Experience in the LUSH Cosmetics section of Macy’s. The private event took place after store hours and was amazing! I am NOT exaggerating. There were drinks, desserts, and complimentary beauty treatments. Guests enjoyed arm massages, hand treatments, facials, pedicures, and more. I grabbed some pictures on my Blackberry (for Twitpic purposes).

Blogalicious Event

Blogalicious Event

LUSH Goodies

LUSH Goodies

Blogalicious is a conference for women bloggers of color. The inaugural conference will be held in Atlanta from October 9-11. You can learn more or sign up at! At the end of the night, I walked away with some great goodies courtesy of LUSH. Huge thank you to my fairy Godbella, Afrobella, for inviting me to this great event. I had a blast!

Chicagonista/NY Metropolista Writers

Chicagonista/NY Metropolista Writers

On Saturday, I joined some of my Chicagonista gals for a sushi lunch celebrating the launch of our sister site, NY Metropolista. I must say that the founder of both sites, MJ Tam, is so amazing. She is not only sweet but she has a vision and is making it happen! MJ gathered us at Niu Japanese Fusion Lounge and we gabbed while dining on some amazing rolls! By the way, the food at Niu was delicious. I highly recommend the Sexy Mexican roll.

Pictured (Smiling L to R): Carol of, Jen of, MJ

I didn’t register for the conference so I had no idea how busy BlogHer ground zero (the Sheraton) was. That was until I ventured over there post-sushi to meet up with my Red Pump Project co-founder, Luvvie. I found her gorging on Molly’s Cupcakes in the Brand About Town suite. This company identifies key influencers in the blogosphere and links them with companies and great campaigns. The Sheraton was buzzing with women, men, babies all moving in and out of sessions and gifting suites. It was incredible to watch. Did I mention that there were roughly 1500 bloggers in attendance? Let me tell you now…In case you haven’t figured it out by now, blogging is a huge business.

To end the weekend, I joined the Bright Pink ladies at BowlHer. In addition to bowling and having a blast, we were there spreading awareness about breast and ovarian cancer, Bright Pink, and the new text messaging campaign launching in October. A novel way to combine technology and healthcare, Bright Pink will launch the “Underwire Alert,” an alert system which will send women a monthly text message reminding them to conduct their monthly breast self-exam. How cool is that?

Me at BowlHer

Me at BowlHer

Whew…So, there you have it! My BlogHer experience in a nutshell! All in all, I had the opportunity to meet so many great bloggers and individuals, in general! I feel like I spend so much time talking to Twitter IDs and blog screennames, so it’s good to have that human connection. I’m still going through my business cards and checking out the bloggers that I met during the weekend because definitely want to keep in touch 🙂

While there were a significant number of “moms who blog” and not enough bloggers of color, I felt that everyone was there to learn, network, and mingle. Other than the few catty situations that I heard about, I thought BlogHer was very beneficial for attendees. Next year, the conference will be held in New York City. I’ve already marked the date on my calendar and am looking forward to being in attendance!


BlogHer is Here!!!

KB's Journey

Even after a year, I consider myself to still be a blogging newbie! I mean, there is an entire world out there that I am still learning and trying to figure out. One thing is for certain…If you are a woman blogger, than the BlogHer conference is definitely where you want to be. The two-day conference is full of great workshops, led by blogging geniuses and business leaders who are blazing paths in social media. Aside from informative, I hear that the conference is also a HUGE social event. And, judging from the number of tweets that I’m reading and my budding social calendar, I believe them to be correct.

The conference kicks off today, but I will not be attending any of the sessions. But, I shall be attending a few unofficial events! Last night, I attended the Chicagonista Social Media Soiree, which was sponsored by the 2010 Chevy Equinox. As you may know, I am the style and fashion scene writer for Chicagonista so I was there serving as a video host. This would totally explain why I didn’t grab any pictures on my own camera. The event was held on the roof of the lovely Sushi Samba. We all enjoyed great appetizers, from chicken satay to sushi rolls. Yum 🙂

In case you missed me there, I will also be at the Blogalicious/Lush Cosmetics event and at BowlHer with the gals from Bright Pink! If you’re in town for BlogHer, what are some of your plans? Send me a tweet on Twitter, and hopefully we can find each other while in the city!

Hope to run into you!


Lululemon Gives To Your Community

Charitable Companies

As a budding yogini, I’ve decided that I want to get some new (read: official) yoga gear. I remember reading about a partnership between lululemon and Bright Pink, so I decided to check out the website and see if their charitable spirit was a one-time deal or if it was a staple in their world.

Adorable Polka Dot Tank


To my amazement and sheer thrill, lululemon absolutely believes in the power of giving back. The lululemon Charitable Program really focuses on changing communities on a local level. Customers suggest charities to each store, and the store then can pick up to 8 charities a year for a contribution/partnership. Nice 🙂

My little web visit has made me a full believer in the lululemon brand. In addition to their cute (and sometimes organic) collection and charitable principles, each store offers events ranging from FREE yoga sessions to nutrition classes! 

To browse their collection and find events happening at your local store, you can visit their website at!



KB's Journey: Living My Life in Pink

Breast Cancer, KB's Journey, Must Attend

Hey, all! Last Friday, I went to Bright Pink’s “La Vie En Rose” event at Bon V and had a BLAST! There was pink everywhere, from hot pink balloons to pink rose petals. The night was hosted by Erica Cobb (of B-96), Susanna Homan (Michigan Avenue Magazine), Ginger Zee (NBC-5 Chicago), and Kelli Zink ( The event raised $20,000 for Bright Pink’s upcoming awareness initiative with local ob/gyn offices. 

Lindsay Avner (founder of Bright Pink) and I

Lindsay Avner (founder of Bright Pink) and I


The picture above was before the effects of the open bar took hold on me. 🙂 Anyways, I’m looking forward to Bright Pink’s other upcoming events:

  • 10/23: Robert Rodriguez Fall 2008 Collection Showcase and Cocktail Reception at Neiman Marcus (737 N. Michigan Avenue). Donations to Bright Pink will be accepted at the door
  • 10/25: “Eyes Wide Open” masquerade event at the Crimson Lounge (333 N. Dearborn). Masks are required for entry and can be purchased at the door for $20
For more information on these events and more, you can always visit!
P.S. Happy Early 25th Birthday to Me!!!