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Wedding Favors with a Purpose

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Getting hitched?

Instead of the traditional wedding favors (i.e., chocolates, matches, a mix CD), many couples are making charitable donations in their guests’ name. You can simply contact your preferred organization to work something out. Some charities will even provide you with donation cards or reception table tents to give your guests, like the American Diabetes Association.

Or you can do a simple Google search to find examples of beautiful favor cards to provide your guests.


I found these great donation cards over at Favors by Serendipidity . I’m a big fan of the pink organza envelopes!


This classic black and white design, found in a Zazzle shop, also caught my eye!


I like the rounded edges and ribbon detail of these donation cards from!

Looking for other ideas?

  • Visit the I Do Foundation, an organization all about incorporating a “charitable focus into life celebrations.”
  • The Knot also has stories of four couples who added a charitable theme to their nuptials.
  • Here’s a great DIY wedding favor donation card over at Intimate Weddings.

I think this is such a great idea! Honestly, I can’t remember half the little favors that I’ve gotten at weddings. Yes, I know that’s not what my married friends want to hear, but it’s the truth. I know some of you future brides really want your guests to have a “Nick and Michelle Forever” keychain, but I think it makes more sense to give those $3-$5 dollars to a charity. Please quote me on that!