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Monday Motivation: The Power of Now

KB's Journey

Sorry to have disappeared on you guys last week! I spent the first half of the week in DC and then was trying to catch up on life during the second half. This week, I’m doubling up the post as an apology to all. Cool? Cool. Now for this week’s Monday Motivation post…

Post-protest glow!

While at the International AIDS Conference, I found extreme motivation from the speakers and the entire presence of the conference. AIDS has been around for 30 years yet the epidemic still has a stronghold on many of our communities, especially those that are brown and female. As I listened to speakers and talked with different people living with the disease or committed to the fight, the biggest lesson that I learned was that we have to seize the power of now if we really want to make change happen.

The AIDS Quilt on the National Mall

This translates to other parts of our lives as well. How many times do we fret about tomorrow, next week, or next year? I’m not knocking this behavior because I’m guilty of it myself. But, our real opportunity lies in what we are doing and will do right now. At the conference, Phill Wilson of the Black AIDS Institute mentioned that his nonprofit could close their doors tomorrow but today (and each day that they are open), they would use that day to advocate and fight the epidemic.

One of my favorite scriptures speaks to this. Regardless of your religious beliefs, Matthew 6:33 is a blueprint for how we should live our lives. “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.”

How will you make a difference today? How will you pursue your dream today? Ask these questions each morning and live out the answer. This world is crazy and you never know what each moment will bring. Channel that anxiety into positive daily action and watch the magic happen.

In closing, check out a snippet of one of my favorite motivational reads:

You have a life in front of you that’s waiting to be filled. Whatever has happened in the past in no way prevents you from filling that life to the brim with positive goodness and joy. Right now is completely up to you. Right now is your time to make a choice. Choose to focus on your positive possibilities. Choose to look upward. Choose to look ahead. Put a smile on your face. Stand up, shake yourself off, and step confidently forward. Step forward in the direction of your dreams—yes, your dreams. You owe it to yourself, and you owe it to all the world, to bring those dreams to life. Here is your day. Here is your opportunity. Here is your life. Now, right now, fill it with meaning and purposeful energy.

Let’s make it a great day, everyone.