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Every year around this time, I seem to forget about my blog anniversary and this year is no exception! On May 13, 2008, I posted the following as my inaugural blog post:

I decided that there needed to be a central site that profiles fabulous movers-and-shakers who have committed themselves to changing the world with a stylish hand and an open heart. Everyday, there are plenty of designers, boutiques, celebrities, fashionistas, and more doing their part to support the charitable cause of their choice. They don’t do it for the recognition, but why should their good deeds go unnoticed?

I will do my part to keep you posted on sales, fashion events, galas, and initiatives designed to raise money for charity. This blog will also take a look at the charities connected to some of my favorite celebs!


Many people ask me why I started my blog. And, there are two reasons…The one that many of you have heard and the one that is closest to my heart. For a little recap, I always tell people that I wanted to create a space where I could share cool information without flooding the inboxes of friends and family members (true story). But, even deeper than that, I wanted to do two things: to start building a legacy and to create a safe space for myself. Three weeks before my initial post, I lost my mother and I wanted needed something to ground me as I navigated this new world without her. And, it worked…Not only have I been navigating this new world, but I’ve been kicking a$$ while doing so.

Over the past four years, I’ve been blessed to do a lot. I took a yearlong corporate sabbatical, worked in DC for President Obama’s Inauguration, launched a HIV/AIDS awareness nonprofit, became a 26 y/o PR intern, worked at a bar and for the Bears, joined my PR agency full-time (also promoted TWICE  in two years – whoop!), received numerous awards, started graduate school, had the amazing fortune to have Alicia Keys tweet about the “Rock the Red Pump” campaign, and many MANY more things.

But, through it all, I’ve never lost my commitment to living and promoting a charitable lifestyle. NE-VER. And, I never will. I wish that I could blog more on TFG but I just can’t. And, you know what? For me, at this moment in my life, that is okay.

Four years and 569 570 posts later, I want to say “THANK YOU” to everyone who has ever read a post, shared a link, invited me to an event, emailed me a pitch (yay for PR!), left a comment, or sent me a tweet. You’ve made this whole blogging thing real and I appreciate you. Over the next month, I promise to bring TFG back with a bang. The previous format of this blog (factual, info-heavy) was perfect for me…in that season of my life while I was still struggling to find my true voice. But, honeys (and gentlemen), I have found that voice and my blog needs to reflect that. I want you to see more of me as I continue on my do-gooder journey. Hope you’re ready to meet more of me, Karyn Brianne, aka “The Fabulous Giver.” I promise that I’m actually pretty cool in real life!

Please stick around for the next chapter in this journey (launching July 2012). In the meantime, enjoy the sporadic posts and photos that I share.

I heart you all and am looking forward to (at least) four years of fabulous giving with you. You’re the bomb (dot) com!


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