The Power of 12 (Happy Birthday)

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Today, I’ve been blessed to see another year. And, I’m feeling great about it…now. Last night, I literally fell asleep in tears. I felt like I was going into another year with things essentially the same way as they were before. Months ago, I decided that I was going to reset my life on 10-10-10. I defined this reset based on tangible things like a new apartment, new car, new relationship, etc. And, as of 10:30p on 10/11/10, I had none of those things. So, what’s a girl like me to do? Cry. That’s it. That’s all I wanted to do. That’s all I did.

But, then something happened…I realized that I did reset something. I reset my attitude. I reset my self-worth. I reset my ambition. I reset how I loved. I’d been so busy looking at physical markers that I missed all the personal and emotional changes that happened to me. When I woke up this morning and saw all my “Happy Birthday” tweets, my eyes started misting (I know…I’m lame) but it also energized me for today!

I was so focused on 10-10-10 because “10” represents the biblical number of divine perfection. But, after doing a little digging today, I found that “12” represents the biblical number of governmental perfection. Quite simply, it’s the number of perfect order. Order. This is something that my life could desperately use a dose of. But, since I’ve changed my attitude, I know that order is soon to follow. So, I rejoice and am preparing for the next phase of my blessed life.

10-12-10…Perfect order flanked by a perfect spirit.

To celebrate, I plan on doing 12 things today…

1. Complete this blog post.

2. Watch “The View.”

3. Purchase a copy of today’s Chicago Sun-Times and read while having coffee.

4. Visit my mother’s final resting place and enjoy the beautiful weather. She overlooks a pond in the cemetery…I wonder if the ducks will be out and about.

5. Learn 5 new words in prep for my GRE exam.

6. Call my grandmother. It’s been months since I talked to her and I have no excuse. None.

7. Sign up for a volunteer project this weekend.

8. Hug my Dad and my sister. This will probably annoy them, but I don’t care. In this past year, I’ve realized that I love hugs…Like, must have a hug at least once a week. Ask a Regular Ol’ friend of mine how many times I’ve come into his shop (a few blocks from work) just for a hug.

9. Be still on the lakefront for 30 minutes. Between the water and the breeze, it’s where I will choose to worship today and thank God for another year.

10. Eat, drink, and be merry. Simple enough.

11. Tie up some loose ends. Tell a few guys that I don’t want them around anymore. Tell my landlord about my ratchet ceilings. And, so forth.

12. “Write the vision and make it plain.” I need to visualize my dreams. That includes starting my vision board.

Thank you all for your birthday wishes and blessings. I’ve felt every single ounce of love that you’ve shared. Happy Birthday to me…Have a great day!


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