How One Bra Is Helping Restore my Body Confidence

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ThirdLove 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra

Last week, I was showered with love and fuzzy feelings as I celebrated my second Mother’s Day. Motherhood has brought me so many incredible moments but I have to admit that I am still struggling with some of the physical aftereffects of carrying Caleb.

Thanks to Whole 30, I’m below my pre-baby weight, however parts of my body just aren’t the same as before. One of the biggest insecurities had to do my how poorly my bras fit post-baby. After breastfeeding, my girls just weren’t themselves anymore.

While I seemed to be the same size, I had a noticeable gap that would show in my clothes no matter how tightly I pulled the straps. If I went with the smaller cup, then I had to deal with boob spillage. It may seem like such a small thing, but I felt incredibly awkward when wearing certain tops… Okay, almost all of them.

Third Love 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra

Enter ThirdLove. When I scrolled past a post on Instagram for these bras, I figured that I had nothing to lose. I was intrigued by their promise to help you find the perfect fit and the endless praises that supported each post. Figuring that I had nothing to lose thanks to the 30-day trial period, I began the process to test it out. I completed a sizing quiz and learned that I actually need a half-cup size. Aha!

I fell in love with my 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra the second that I put it on. The memory foam cups fit perfectly and, for the first time in a long time, I felt like I had the support that I needed. My bra wasn’t visible through my clothes and I didn’t have to feel self-conscious. I’m still learning to love the body that motherhood gave me so it’s so important that I feel great in everything that I wear.

Each week, I tell my husband that buying this bra was one of the best wardrobe decisions that I have ever made. I am currently in the process of redoing my underwear drawer and I have my eye on the 24/7 Lace Balconette Bra next. If you need new bras, I definitely recommend ThirdLove.

Once you start scooping up new undergarments, don’t just throw out the old ones. This post on their blog gives great advice on wear to donate your gently used and (maybe) loved bras. Since their founding in 2013, the company has donated over $1 million worth of bras to organizations serving women. This makes the company even more awesome in my mind.

Have you tried ThirdLove yet? What are your thoughts?

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