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"Tue" Fabulous

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Tue Fab is a series of things that I’m loving in life right now.

In this season of life, reading has become somewhat of a luxury for me these days. Gone are the days when I could finish a book each week or read the latest issue of Real Simple when it arrived in my mailbox. Yet, I still crave that exposure to new views, people and ideas. That’s why podcasts have become so clutch for me. Whether I’m listening during my commute or while cleaning up, my favorite podcasts keep me lifted, inspired and laughing.

Here are five podcasts that I am loving right now.

Citrus + Sugar

Every time I listen to Maddie and Tennille, it’s like I’m sitting on the couch with my girls talking about ways to level up in life and faith. And, I’m not just saying that because these are my girls in real life. They exclude such warmth and inspiration that you can’t help but love them. Everything is better with a little sugar, especially lemons. Pull up a chair and get in on their brand of women’s empowerment.

Favorite Episode: Creating a Life of Purpose + Joy

Risen Motherhood

It’s important to me to grow in my faith and as a mom. So, I began looking for a podcast that could help me do both. Risen Motherhood was one of the first ones that I came across and I truly enjoy the episodes. While there have been a couple that have not resonated with me as deeply, I still find great value in the topics as they push me to elevate my thinking and keep God first in all that I do.

Favorite Recent Episode:¬†Coffee, Wine, & Social Media: Momma, What’s Your Crutch?

Coffee + Crumbs

Thanks to Instagram, I stumbled across the Coffee + Crumbs blog last year. I love the varied and authentic glimpses into motherhood that the various writers bring to the table. So, I was pretty sure that I would love their podcast. Happy to say that I was 100% right. Season 2 started in March and they have been hitting it out the park on topics ranging from vulnerability, the superwoman syndrome and loneliness. These girls are my favs.

Favorite Recent Episode: Embracing Vulnerability with Jamie Ivey

Side Hustle Pro

I really enjoy my marketing career but I also have side hustle dreams. But, I am always procrastinating and letting fear get in the way. So, it has been incredibly motivating to hear the journeys of other women of color who are making real moves with their side hustles. I take away at least two actionable gems from each episode to push me out of my comfort zone and pursue my goals.

Favorite Recent Episode: Meet the Woman Behind DC’s SpiceSuite and Entrepreneur Hub

TED Radio Hour

I really enjoy TED Talks but I don’t have time to sit, search and listen to them back to back. I certainly don’t always have the time to curate them by common themes. This is why I love the TED Radio Hour on NPR and the accompanying podcast. It pulls together some of the best talks and adds the perfect context around them by also interviewing the speakers. It’s good listening, y’all!

Favorite Recent Episode: Comfort Zone (Shoutout to Luvvie… She is a guest on this episode and shares more related to her powerful TED Talk.)


By no means is this the extent of my podcast playlist. I have about 20 shows in my library that I rotate with some frequency. Others in my library include Success Is Sexy, My Taught You, The No4Play Show, Rants & Randomness, and almost anything produced by NPR.

What are your favorite podcasts? Share your recos below!





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