We Rocked It For AIDS Awareness


Rock the Red Crowd Shots

Last Thursday, we definitely rocked the (red) house for AIDS awareness at “Rock the Red: Bold. Fashion. Awareness.” The fashion show was not only a celebration of up-and-coming designers, but it was a special occasion for The Red Pump Project. Last year when Luvvie and I came up with the idea of The Red Pump Project, we really didn’t know that it would become a movement or impact people the way that it has. At least not in a year…

Over 200 guests joined us as we honored Rae Lewis-Thornton with the “Ultimate Red Pump Rocker” award for being a Living Legacy. As the audience watched a clip of Rae’s documentary, A Diva Living with AIDS, you could have heard a pin drop. The power of her story and the poise of her body inspired, if not moved, every attendee in the crowd. As she accepted her award, our hearts were locked into her speech as she told us to continue to support her and the fight against AIDS.

Rae Lewis-Thornton Accepting Award

There were so many special moments throughout the night, but one of my favorites would have to be being surprised with a presentation from Thyatiria Towns, Program Coordinator with Congressman Bobby Rush’s office.Before her presentation, wee announced that The Red Pump Project has been invited to Capitol Hill for “Red Pump Day.” Then, Thy approaches the mic and gives Luvvie and I a surprise that we did NOT expect! She presented us with two plaques and proceeded to say remarks about The Red Pump Project had been entered into the Congressional Records. Suffice to say, we cried but we turned our backs on the audience so they wouldn’t see the tears!

Teary-Eyed KB

We featured the designs of Melanie Lyke of Rockett Mansion, Kortnee Quiza of Verse Boutique, Amber Johnson, Kahindo Mateene and New’d Chicago, Crystal B Designs, Spirit Africa and Black Market Caviar. The night was amazing. The place was packed. We had a ton of fun, and hope those who came agree!

Rock the Red - Final Walk

There are so many people for us to thank for the success of this show. First and foremost, our models and sponsors. Then we must thank the DREAM TEAM that worked to put it together:

Designs: Kahindo Mateete, New’d Chicago, Spirit Africa, Black Market Caviar, Melanie Lyke of Rockett Mansion, Kortnee Quiza of Verse Boutique, Amber Johnson, Crystal B Designs

Hair: Dee Desalu

Music: DJ Bonsu (djbonsu@gmail.com)

Makeup: Rashida B (The B spot), Erin Yarborough, Arie Jones

Photography: Graffiti Photography, T. Will Photography

Accessories: Found Objects, Pretty Afrika, Ashley S. Drapes
Coordinator: Shanna S.

And, THANK YOU so much to everyone who supported this event by attending, donating, or simply spreading the word. We appreciate every ounce of love! To keep up with us, please sign up for our mailing list!

You can view more pictures in the Rock the Red Photo Album on our Facebook page.
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