What Do I Tweet About? [Infographic]

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I just “met” Michele from Scraps of my Geek Life and she’s already influencing me! On her blog, she shared an infographic detailing her Twitter activity and it was so cool that I had to head over to Visual.ly and create my own. Check it out below. I love all the data but the picture of me is my favorite part. I just made it the background on my work desktop! 

It’s kind of weird that four of my followers made it into my topics section, as though I tweeted about them often. Aside from that, I love that four of my topics/words are girl, wish, love, and happy. Oh, and it picked up on my love affair with the smiley face. *smiles*

If you make one, can you share the link in my comments section? I’m curious to see what other ones look like!


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