What Kind of Volunteer Are You?

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This morning while researching new 2011 volunteer opps for me, I came across this quiz on Oprah.com asking “What Kind of Volunteer Are You?” The goal is to tell you which types of volunteer opportunities you would be most suited for. Intrigued, I went through the questions eager to find out where I would end up.

After five brief questions, I found myself tied between two categories: New-Breed Volunteer and Untapped Volunteer. Loved the titles…But, were the descriptions accurate? Let’s see…

New Breed Volunteer

You’re a radically different breed with just as much desire to give back. You’re a busy professional, student or parent with a full life, but you believe that doing good feels good and giving back is part of living your best life. Volunteering regularly adds meaning to your life.

Untapped Volunteer

You work full time or go to school full time, and you probably have children at home. Your life is hectic and your time is already overcommitted. It’s likely that you haven’t volunteered much in the past year, not because you haven’t wanted to, but because many volunteer opportunities require more time than you have to give. You believe that doing good feels good and that giving back is part of living your best life. Volunteering when you can adds meaning to your life.

The descriptions were very accurate…VERY. As much as I love spreading the word about causes and raising awareness, nothing compares to actually serving at a food pantry, helping to clean a school, or reading to kids. It’s just a matter of finding the time. Based on my assessment, it’s best that I look for volunteer opportunities like special events, shifts at a hospital, and anything that’s easy to sign up for.

I think tools like this quiz are great for many people who are looking to volunteer but can’t figure out the best activity for them or how to get started. Here’s the link again…So, what kind of volunteer are you?


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