Why Aren’t There Donation Boxes At The Airport?

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Have you ever overpacked for a flight and been told that your suitcase was too big? Yes? Then, I have a story for you. Recently, I took a trip to Washington D.C. and needed to pack for two weeks. Given my schedule during my stay, I needed to bring suits, dresses, an evening gown, PJs, pumps, a winter dress coat, and then my regular clothes. Needless to say, I should have known that my suitcase was going to be super heavy.

The airline agent confirmed my suspicion and told me that my giant suitcase was 57 pounds. UGH. Dejected, I walked away and started trying to figure out what I could shuffle around in order to get this thing under 50 pounds. After I crammed some shirts and gymshoes to my carry-on AND put on an extra sweater, I was still five pounds over the limit.

At this point, I was prepared to just give away some sweaters or a pair of jeans. I needed to get going to my flight and the stress of suitcase shuffle was no longer worth it. I asked the American Airlines representative if there were donation boxes in the airport, and she told me “No.”

Wait, what?

Her response completely caught me off-guard. I mean, isn’t that a brilliant idea? I always overpack for trips and am always wishing that I didn’t bring that extra sweater, college t-shirt, or whatever. And, I’m not the only person who has been up against the gun (or weight scale) when trying to make it through security and to the gate in 45 minutes!

I’m sure there are security reasons or logistical nightmares associated with having donation boxes in airports, but I think it should be worth a try. Airports are always adding more amenities and services to improve our flight experiences. This seems like another solution to consider.

Of course, we should all do a better job at packing only what’s needed. I get that and am working on that. But, what about in the meantime?

What do you think about airport donation boxes: yay or nay?

Photo by Craig Adderley from Pexels
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