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Last year, a friend introduced me to the Yellow Conference, an event for creative women who want to do good. Both inspired and intrigued, I logged on to their site and the rest has been history. I haven’t been able to make it to the conference yet but I get to enjoy the next best thing: membership with the Yellow Collective community.

The Yellow Collective is a membership-based platform that includes access to monthly webcasts, weekly chats on Slack, a vault of video resources, and a quarterly Empowerment Box delivered to your home. The Empowerment Box typically contains a book to read along with the other members, a do-good product, and two encouragement postcards – one for you and one to send to another member. Past books have included “War of Art” by Steven Pressfield and “Rising Strong” by Brene Brown.

Even though getting that bright yellow box in the mail is a real highlight for me, there are four other reasons why I love being a part of the Yellow Collective.

Meeting other women who are creating businesses/organizations/spaces to make a difference

I am so inspired by the regular updates that other members regularly share in the Facebook group. I connected with one gal within the group, Alison, and we have started meeting regularly via phone to talk about goals and challenges within our respective projects. Finding her was completely unexpected but our conversations are so valuable.

Ongoing motivation and tips

Whether it is a new product launch or a recently published post, I get so inspired by hearing what the other members are up to. As someone who plans to launch a do-good business in the future, I love hearing first-hand about others’ processes. It gives me the opportunity to take notes as I plan out my endeavors and also ask for advice. Can you imagine having access to 100+ women sharing and encouraging each other to make a difference? It’s powerful stuff, y’all.

Learning about new products that are good for the world

You guys should know by now that I am all about products that make a difference. It is awesome to find out about new brands within our Facebook group and inside of each Empowerment Box. My favorite product from the Box has been the memobottle. It’s a slim reusable water bottle that I love because of the rectangular shape. Beyond aesthetics, the company donates $1 from each online purchase to

Connecting to a community with purpose

I have been spending a lot of time praying for God to help me connect with others in ways that will enhance my life and the vision that He has for me. This membership community has been able to offer me that. From the weekly Slack chats about topics like decision-making tactics to conversations on Facebook, it is exciting to be in community with others who share your same passion.

If this sounds like the community that you have been looking for, then I would encourage you to sign up! The cost is $99/quarter and you will get access to some incredible resources. You can actually sign up now as the membership process for next quarter just opened up this week.

As with any tools, you have to put in the work to see any results. Regardless of whether you become a member, check out the Yellow Room blog for an ongoing dose of encouragement and inspiration across posts like “Unleashing Your Talents and Creativity to Give Back” and “Finding Purpose When You Feel Unproductive.”

Have you heard about The Yellow Conference or Yellow Collective? What do you think?

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