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10 Ways to Do Good with Your Boo

February 10, 2016 No Comments

A couple that gives back together stays together. While that may not be 100% true, there is something great to be said about couples who share mutual interests and activities. Giving back has a positive effect on us individually, so I imagine that doing good with your boo must double the benefits.

I’m not ashamed to admit that my husband and I haven’t had a date night in several months. However, that is something that I hope we turn around soon. While thinking of some outings for us, I started thinking of a few that have a charitable twist. If you are looking for some different date night ideas, I hope this list gives you some inspiration.

Date Night Ideas

  • Get dressed to the nines and attend a charity gala
  • Grab coffee or a meal at a local eatery with a charitable connection (Local reco: Brunch at Inspiration Kitchens)
  • Visit a small museum or gallery that relies on donations to keep the doors open
  • Link up with some other couples and prepare a meal at your local Ronald McDonald House or a shelter
  • Sign up for a charity race. Not only can you count the actual run, but any joint training sessions can be considered dates as well.
  • Make a “do-gooder bucket list” and cross off items together
  • Volunteer at a community garden or visit a conservatory in your community (Local reco: Garfield Park Conservatory)
  • Stay in, order a bottle (or two) from One Hope Wine and curl up on the couch with your honey
  • Go furniture hunting at Goodwill or thrift stores and then upcycle the piece together
  • Spend a couple of hours at an animal shelter sharing your love with some pets who could use the extra cuddles

No matter if you select one of these ideas or come up with your own, doing good with your main squeeze is a great way to spend time together and serve as a reminder that you picked the perfect partner.


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