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Let’s Talk About Diaper Need

My boys are incredibly precious to me. Everyday, thank God that we’ve always been in a position to meet the needs of our boys. While pregnant with Caleb, I learned that one in three American families deal with “diaper need.” It’s not an issue that gets as much attention in…

Why I Still Love Virtual Gatherings

I miss in-person giggles and hugs, but I am still 100% here for virtual celebrations and gatherings. There. I said it. When we hosted a Zoom call for Carson’s 1st birthday, I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about celebrating milestones on video versus in-person. However, as time has rolled…

When the World Opens Back Up

Here we are. Ten months into COVID-19 and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. Pre-pandemic, I was not the biggest traveler. But, all I do now is think about trips that I want to take. It doesn’t help that we’re rethinking our plans to go to Jamaica…

Choosing Hope on Election Day

Today is Election Day. A day to celebrate freedom and the promise of democracy. This year, however, there’s a certain level of angst and anxiety related to the outcome of the ballot results. It’s so overwhelming, which is why I am grateful to all those sharing post-election self-care tips and…

Coming Home

During the course of this global pandemic, the concept of home has shifted in many ways. Mine has become my office, a play space, a church, a fitness center and much more. It’s also a place where I feel like a mom/wife/worker, day in and day out, with no breaks….

Back to Basics with Scratch Goods

Instagram has put me up on so many fabulous people, products and businesses. One of my favorite finds has been Scratch Goods. In addition to selling a line of natural, food-grade skincare products, they also operate a mask bar in their West Loop shop. Sign. Me. Up.

Chicago Do-Good Cafes

As many times as I have tried to make the switch to tea, it’s clear that coffee and I will go together for the foreseeable future. In turn, I’ve spent a lot of time researching brands of coffee that are fair trade or have a charitable component. While building that…



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I'm creating a new path that feels as purpose-driven and fabulous as my previous one. Join me as I hack life to make time for the people and causes that matter most to me. Read More

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