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The Easiest Way to Donate More Money

In January, many of us plan to give more to the causes that we care about. We’re fresh off of the holiday giving spirit and year-end asks. We really do plan to giving more. But, life distracts us as the year goes along. It can be tricky to remember the…

Preserving My Sanity One “No” at a Time

Looking back over the past year, I would say that I’ve done a good job at managing the ups and downs of pandemic life. It’s important to note that my income remain unchanged and my children have been in daycare most of the time. This certainly made it easier for…

Time, Talent or Treasure: Choosing a Giving Path

When you’ve decided that you want to support a specific cause, it’s best to think about how will you give. Specifically, are you giving your time, your talent or your treasure? This idea is rooted in Biblical principle but has many implications beyond spiritual practice. For me, I’ve used these…

An Open Letter to My Fellow Working Moms

The theme for International Women’s Day 2021 is “Choose to Challenge.” Women have done so much to help manage the pandemic for their loved ones and their communities. In honor of IWD, I’ve penned an open letter to my fellow working moms. From grocery store workers to teachers and executives,…

Charitable Brands on My 2021 Beauty List

Spring beauty sales are around the corner and I am ready to get to shopping! Last year, I threw away a lot of my expired makeup so my makeup bag is really light. While putting my shopping list together, it was important to include beauty brands that regularly donate to…

What I Learned After 100 Peloton Rides

I never thought that I would own a Peloton bike. I certainly didn’t think that I would become a full-on believer and evangelist. But, here I am. And, last month, I joined the century club, clocking 100 rides on a bike that goes nowhere. When I got my Peloton, I…



Karyn Brianne

I'm creating a new path that feels as purpose-driven and fabulous as my previous one. Join me as I hack life to make time for the people and causes that matter most to me. Read More

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