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Choosing Hope on Election Day

November 3, 2020 No Comments

Today is Election Day. A day to celebrate freedom and the promise of democracy. This year, however, there’s a certain level of angst and anxiety related to the outcome of the ballot results. It’s so overwhelming, which is why I am grateful to all those sharing post-election self-care tips and plans.

I understand these concerns, but I’ve decided to opt out of the doomsday narrative. There are 1,000 ways that today (and this week) could go wrong and I will process those emotions when they come. For my sanity, I’m choosing hope and joy this week. In the middle of a pandemic, a racial reckoning and the nuttiest election cycle, I’m choosing to center my heart on the positive. Will it be the easiest thing? NO. I could swim in hot Twitter takes and live news updates like everyone else. But, guys, I’m tired. My soul is tired.

I need to choose hope. When I look at my boys, I need to believe that this world can be a better place for them. I need to believe that my love is enough. I need to have faith that this too shall pass. I’ve talked about the courageous act of hope before. And, it’s never felt more relevant than in this moment.

Do not misinterpret my choice as a dismissal of the gravitas of today’s outcomes. I am incredibly clear what’s at stake. It’s why I dug deep to donate to local and national races, and take part in various GOTV efforts. But, when the dust settles, I’m making the crazy choice to ground myself in what is true and what will last forever.

Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love.

I Corinthians 13:13

Promise that you will take care of yourself and your families – heart, mind and soul. There are so many things that will be out of our control today. Heck, this whole year has been beyond our control. Regardless of tonight’s outcome, there will be work to do tomorrow.

So, take the moment today.

Choose joy. Find hope.


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