The Great (Shower) Escape

Beauty & Style

olay moisture ribbons plus

Friends, these past two weeks have been a whirlwind. Work has been kicking my butt. Caleb’s two-year-old tantrums are wearing me down. The housework is piling up. And, I am in a season of personal transition. Needless to say, your girl has been stressed. Taking care of myself was the absolute last thing on my list. Yes, I know that self-care is important, but I have been doing a horrible job at making it a priority.

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Up Your Dinner Party Game with FEED Supper

Eats & Treats

In my adult life, I believe that I have only attended three dinner parties. I know for a fact that I have never hosted one, which is why it’s on my holiday bucket list. When I shared this goal with…

5 Questions to Ask Before Donating to Charity

Living & Giving

These days, it has never been easier to financial support a charitable cause or organization. Whether it’s a “text-to-give” campaign or clicking a “Donate Now” button, we can contribute in a variety of ways on our own terms. However,…

10 Quotes about Gratitude and Giving Thanks

Living & Giving

Sign up for the Intentionally Grateful emails every Wednesday in November. Can you believe that Thanksgiving is in two days? We were originally planning to host family dinner, which I was both excited and stressed about. However, plans recently…

christmas holiday bucket list

My Holiday Bucket List

Faith & Family

I know that we haven’t even celebrated Thanksgiving yet but I’m already thinking about what things I want to get done this holiday season. In the past, I haven’t been as intentionally about planning out my Christmas/New Years activities.…

What's in my makeup bag

What’s In My Makeup Bag

Beauty & Style

Wearing makeup on a daily basis always seemed like a chore until I discovered the right products and an easy routine. Once I figured out what worked best for me, I packed those items in my trusted makeup bag…

gratitude journal

How I Use My Gratitude Journal

Living & Giving

Sign up for the Intentionally Grateful emails every Wednesday in November. As I’ve mentioned before, gratitude is an action that is best performed on a regular basis if you want to unlock the full benefits. One way that I…


Slowing Down Sundays

KB's Journey

With only two weekend days, it can be SO tempting to overcrowd Saturdays and Sundays with activities and errands. It’s something that I still struggle with, but I will tell you that I have gotten so much better at…

My Haul from Chip & Jo’s Target Collection

Living & Giving

Chip and Jo Jo Gaines are my second favorite couple on TV behind Beth and Randall Pearson. Not only do I enjoy their chemistry on set but I adore Joanna’s style. When I heard that the Gaines were releasing their…