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21 Writing Prompts for Your Gratitude Journal

A few years ago, I hosted a challenge called “Intentionally Grateful.” For the month of November, I shared quotes and reflections to inspire others to cultivate their own gratitude practices in their lives. A big focus during that time was writing daily in my gratitude journal. Back then, I was…

Why You Need a Holiday Donation Budget

Is it just me or did 2021 FLY by? It’s hard to believe that the Thanksgiving and Christmas are around the corner. But it’s true, friends. As I start to map out a rough budget for my holiday spending, I added a new category to track: holiday donations. Every year…

At-Home Volunteer Ideas for Families

Home is where the heart is. It is also a place where kindness and service can thrive. As COVID continues to impact communities. there continues to be a great need by organizations for volunteer support and donations. Many organizations are still limiting in-person volunteer activities but that doesn’t mean you…

TFG Guide to Making Bath Time Matter

In the hustle and flow of life, it’s so easy to become jaded with various every day activities. For me, bath time with the boys often toes that line. Like with many things, I’ve had to reframe my approach to this task for the sake of all parties involved. Here’s…

Talking to Children About Hunger

During the first week of our Bloom Summer of Service Challenge, we focused on fighting hunger as a family. Right after the March 2020 COVID shutdowns, we began to focus more on supporting anti-hunger efforts near us. And, that commitment holds true today. In addition to our recurring donation, the…

An Ice Cream Crawl in Naperville

Keeping my boys entertained can be a little bit of a challenge sometimes. They largely like the same things but still there are noticeable shifts in what they want to do. One Saturday, we needed to fill a few hours of our time so I had to think quickly about…

Tue Fab: My July Favorites List

July was the month where it really started to feel like summer. We spent more time outside enjoying our garden and doing fun family activities on the weekends. As a working mom, sometimes I feel cheated during the summer. But, I’ve also learned that you have to make the best…



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