Prioritizing Self-Care in the Summer

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Summer Sunglasses at the Beach

With summer brings endless invitations to cookouts, festivals, weddings, happy hours, and more. That’s not to mention your own personal plans to take the kids on field trips, complete projects around the house, and whatever other plans are on your agenda. Even though summer is the perfect time to slow down, it can be so hard to actually do that because who wants to waste a beautiful sunny day?

Since the warmer temps arrived in Chicago, I have had something scheduled each weekend and it started to catch up with me. I want to be out and about soaking up the sun but I also realize that burning myself out before the fourth of July is not a good look.

Self-care is important to me so I am taking a summer view on the idea and sharing things that we can all do to make sure that our summer self care game is tight.

Get outside and move your body.

There are so many fitness classes offered outside during the summer. Commit to being active at least three times a week for at least 30 minutes/session and you will be amazed at how good you start feeling. If classes aren’t your thing or you can’t find any in your neighborhood, just get out for a walk. Longer walks away do my mind and body good. Even better than that? It doesn’t cost me anything to get it done.

Plan a spa day at home.

Sure, you could head to your local spa but why not create that experience at home? Give yourself a body scrub, run a hot bath with lavender oil, put on some Solange and just relax. Use this time to clear your mind and focus on balance in your life. If you need suggestions on scrubs, I’m really feeling the Java Jolt Organic Sugar & Coffee Scrub from Organic Bath Co. Not only does it smell great, but it leaves my skin feeling super soft.

Summer self care at Biloxi Beach

Start a summer-themed devotional.

Dedicating 15 minutes a day to a devotional has been an ongoing goal of mine since last year. I’m not always perfect at it but that isn’t due to a lack of quality materials. I’m currently wrapping up “Life. Love. Lead” on the Bible app and am looking forward to (finally) starting “Endless Summer: Inspirations and Reflections for the Journey to Life Balance,” a devotional written by Halleemah Nash. If you are looking for some other ideas, check out this list from Charlotte at milk and honee.

Use your vacation days.

I want to type this whole section in a big, bold font because this is SUPER important. If you have time off at work, definitely use it. I used to be the type of person to squirrel away my days but the game has changed. This summer, my goal is to take a half day off every other week to spend with Caleb and just catch up on life. Who says that we can’t sit outside on a Tuesday afternoon and read a book? Nobody. Take some time for you, sis.

summer self care with a delicious drink

Aim to keep at least 1-2 weekend days free each month.

I got this tip from a friend. Her family blocks two Sundays a month off from any plans. They did this before the summer but are even more protective of this time now. It gives them time to lay around the house, do yard work, walk to breakfast, whatever. I love the intentionality behind this idea.

With summers being so short, I share the same urge to cram so much into each day but we have to find time to nurture our bodies and soul!

How are you being intentional about taking care of your self this summer?

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